Choosing what flavour of ice-cream to buy in an ice-cream shop is a far easier decision to make than choosing a major when entering college. Ice-cream flavours do not bear the weight of the future and cannot be compared to the life time decision of a career. Due to poor guidance and ignorance, a lot of individuals fail to carefully think their next step thoroughly before taking the important decision of choosing their career path. Sometimes, they are in a rush to move on to the next phase and some other times, they are plainly confused on what to do.

There are a lot of factors to be considered when choosing a major. However, avoiding mistakes like the ones listed below would eventually guide you to the niche where you belong:

Even twins do not bear the same finger prints. Hence, two human beings cannot share the same characteristics. Often times, figure heads and mentors tend to cajole college applicants into the niche they think would be suitable for them. Most times, the advice can come in handy because they are experienced. However, it is important to choose a career you are interested in rather than being influenced into a path you would not enjoy for the rest of your life.

It is true when people regard college as an investment. The four to five years spent going through the gruesome reins of education is in order to gain better career opportunities with the aim of receiving a robust salary. Lots of individuals survey the environment and look for the most lucrative jobs which in turn fuel their decision to choose a major. This is a serious mistake which can cause some damage in the future. The world is ever evolving and that ‘lucrative’ niche may be overtaken by another in some years. Also, seeing that you would be putting half the time of your life in your career, you may want to enjoy your job.

Overthought idea

An idea of a career is at arm’s length of what it really is. Individuals who see successful professionals are swayed into the idea of that career because it seems interesting. However, in choosing a career, investigating the requirements for the job is of huge importance. Most times, it is necessary to volunteer at those places to fully understand what it takes before jumping into conclusions.

Underestimating your interests

It is a win-win situation when you enjoy your job and make money all at the same time. Most students end up underestimating what they are interested in and are swayed more into what their friends are choosing as a major which eventually can spell doom for their future. It is important to watch out for pointers and any indication where you are most successful in. This can serve as a move in the right direction.

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